Mariana, 18, Brazilian. Hate clowns. Musicaholic. Lover of indie and british bands, The Simpsons, Comics, Series, Movies, Books, Old Stuff, Vinyls, Beer, Tattoo, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Tim Burton, Lindsay Lohan, Video Games, Funny/Band T-Shirts. ♥

"If you lost your faith in love and music the end won't be long." ▬ The Libertines.

"Created on 5th of March, 2011".

Revanche com direito á zapada na testa. A minha!! @kellen643
O wallpaper mais lindo que eu já tive! #thenightmarebeforechristmas #mexicanskull #oldschool  #drawing
But it all depends on what you think about the girls of summer… #aerosmith #music  #summer
E a cor da lua ontem a noite? #moonlight #instamood
E a cor dessa lua??